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Short, but highly effective workouts, at convenient times that work with your busy schedule! Get in and get on with the rest of your day!

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Not your mother’s workout! We train you the way your body was intended to move. We are the missing piece to your fitness journey!

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“Perfect & convenient location.  Concise training in a friendly atmosphere.  I have become stronger, faster and overall in much better shape in a few months.  Workouts are creative and class times are easy to fit into a busy schedule.  I am challenged and supported through every workout.  Great price for personalized training in a group setting. “



“The atmosphere is fun, the members are friendly and the workouts are challenging and effective. The workouts are always different and interesting, a combination that makes you actually look forward to the next workout. I can’t wait for 7pm to roll around so I can login to see what she has planned for the next day! If you are looking to change things up and see results, I highly recommend this gym. Laura is extremely knowledgeable and is dedicated to her clients – she wants each of us to succeed to our fitness goals and she has the tools and experience to guide us to them. Love love love this gym!”


“This gym is amazing!!  The environment is extremely positive and supportive, and is the perfect place for anyone looking to get in shape or just looking for a new challenge.  Laura Kraman (owner and trainer) is incredible!  She is extremely knowledgeable and personable; and although the workouts are challenging, she makes them fun and enjoyable!   This is definitely the place to be if you want to feel healthier and stronger!”


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you tell me a little bit about your studio?

It is always best to visit us and experience us in person, but…

  • We offer studio and online training. You can have access to trainers and get the attention you need regardless of the type of service you choose. You will love our app, which can be used in the studio or online.
  • Did you know that becoming a Certified Personal Trainer is very easy? Yep! And, not all certifications are the same. A trainer can become certified within a weekend if they wanted too. Next thing you know, they are teaching you how to deadlift, and “pop,” there goes your back! I have 15 years experience with one of the best certifications in the industry. You have to experience how I teach to fully understand.
  • With experience comes practice and knowledge. Just by watching the way you walk, sit, and squat, we can offer some recommendations if outside interventions, like seeing a chiropractor or physical medicine doctor, should be considered before starting our services. That’s right, we do not train everyone who walks in our doors. Most of the time, we work together with your wellness provider to give you top of the line service.
  • Most of our classes are 30 minutes. You get in and get out! This is great for busy people and we are ALL busy. We superset (perform exercises back to back with minimal rest) exercises and keep the intensity high so you walk out feeling like you just worked out for an hour!
  • Unlike some new boutique studios, we do not have one style. You will not be kickboxing everyday, although we offer it. Be prepared to move your body in various ways so it NEVER adapts. From boot camp sessions to high intensity interval training to barbell training, we offer an wide range of classes!
  • We take time for you. You need a one-on-one to go over your nutrition or an exercise? You got it! It’s laid back here.
  • We are a community. Saturdays are one of the best days of the week because members from other classes get to see one another. We are a family without the drama! No cliques either.
Should I choose Personal Training or Small Group Training?


There are a couple factors which you should consider when deciding on Personal verses Small Group Training.

Do you know what are squats, push ups, situps, burpees, planks?

You do not necessarily have to do them correctly because we find that most people, even with previous experience, aren’t.

Can you get down on the floor?

You will be asked to get down on the floor. However, we can modify anything. Some of our members use chairs to assist them.

Can you move from exercise to exercise easily?

You might get winded at first, but you must keep in mind our workouts are only 30 minutes. Keep in mind, we move quickly too. So, you may want to purchase a few 1-on-1 sessions to learn basic movements  before entering small group training.

Do you have a lot of weight to lose?

Meaning, does your body fat get in the way of daily living. If you have more than 100 pounds to lose, it might! It will affect your knees, back, and feet. You might want to consider a consultation before deciding ANYTHING! We will not offer you a service if we think it might discourage you or if it is inappropriate for you.


With personal training, you can always benefit from learning, but small group training is a fraction of what personal training costs. However, we can create a package of both options.

Do you like the camaraderie of others?

Working out with others can push you beyond your limits! And, in our ego-free zone, you are safe to lift what you are comfortable lifting. You are not competing with your neighbor, but competing with yourself from last week. Heck, some of us even dance (and cuss a little) during class! We are a bunch of characters!

How do I get started with small group training?

There are several ways to get started:


  • Email us (my personal email is and set up a time to come in a check us out. You can come in to talk with the trainer or get a free consultation. Just let us know what you expect. I recommend the free consultation. Why pass up a free personal training workout?
  • Call us! You can always call (302) 513-9641 or text (302) 233-6133. Texting and email is the best way to reach me!
  • Go straight to TRIAL and choose from the trials we have available! Please be sure to fill out the online waiver BEFORE arriving! I only recommend doing this is you are confident you can jump into small group training.
What are the prices of your services?


It’s important to make it clear that this is NOT your typical gym or fitness studio environment. And, if you are shopping around by price and not service, then we may not be the best option for you. However, we are less expensive than other small group training studios. But, we are more expensive than a typical big box gym.


Let’s face it, you are NOT going to get this type of workout at a commercial type gym. And, you are NOT going to a workout at our studio where a fitness corporation dictates the workout we choose.  Why not? Because we create workouts based on the members, not the national average. We know what our members from Delaware want because we asked.

It all comes down to what

  • living pain free
  • feeling confident
  • looking sexy
  • standing taller
  • looking stronger
  • having less body fat

is worth to you? What we know is more and more folks are spending their hard earned money on fad workouts and diets but not getting healthier. Our members sure our getting results! Just take a look above!


And, since you asked, we have unlimited memberships starting at $99. We also have 10 and 20 session class passes. If you also become a member ot E-volve Fitness Studio, you become part of our exclusive reciprocal relationship with Lovering Studio! You have access to their studio at 50% off! You get 5 ballet barre and/or yoga with weights classes for $40.


Do you offer nutrition?

Nutrition and fitness is like peanut butter and jelly. You can’t have one without the other, right? Even if you do not overeat, you may not have proper nutrition. The number #1 issue we see in here is our women do not eat enough protein! Some eat too little during the week, then overeat on high carb/ high fat food on the weekend, but no protein. Our goal is to get you to start making better choices. Start eating healthier, one meal at a time.

Our owner, Laura Kraman, is currently enrolled in Precision Nutrition’s Coaching Certification Program. PN Coaches are known to be experts in the field of nutritional counseling. Laura has completed several nutritional programs, but believes this one is the most comprehensive for creating behavioral change. Changing someone’s thinking and behavior, with regards to fitness and nutrition, will, ultimately, create a reduction in body fat.

We also offer frequent challenges to keep you engaged! After your third visit, you will be emailed a 14 day nutritional plan to address your goals, emotional eating, and to help guide you for the next couple weeks.

How are you different from other gyms and fitness studios?

Do not expect to walk in and see a row of machines and treadmills!

Our members come to us for various reasons, but some may include:

  • They enjoy working out in small groups?
  • They workout in small group sessions developed by trainers, not corporations.
  • They feel welcome when they walk in the doors? Do you feel like you’re a part of a community? Does anyone say hello to you? Do you receive a smile?
  • They feel stronger, leaner, more confident, sexier!
  • Their posture improves! To lift correct, you must stand correctly! We do this by helping you undo the damage from excessive use of sedentary positons like sitting, driving, or computer work. Does anyone even care about your posture or how you stand?
  • They learn about proper technique? Do you even know why you are doing the exercises your trainer as you to perform? It’s not about how much you sweat each session.
  • They want to come to a place where no cares if you are wearing lululemon or luluroe.  Our common denominator is we want to get healthy, period!
  • They actually come!
  • Do you go to your gym? Or, are you paying for a membership you don’t use?
  • They can access the workout online. Everything in our studio is virtual!

Now do you understand the difference?

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