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We don’t offer services. We offer solutions!


At E-volve Fitness Studio, you cannot have a fragile ego when you walk through the doors. With that being said, please hang up your ego with your coat.

If you lack confidence and are unsure about what to do, we will team you up with the “resident” member who can help guide you. We recommend meeting with us privately prior to a first session, so you can get a “feel” of what a class is like before jumping right in.

Worried about feeling awkward? Perfect! The gym owner, Laura Kraman, is the epitome of awkward so you’ll feel right at home! No, really. The members like to share stories about their first couple weeks. Once you hear their stories, you’ll be surprised how everyone goes through similar experiences, no matter how “fit”.

We also offer 30 minute personal training sessions if you choose to start with individual sessions. If you have difficulty getting up and down on the floor or have extreme mobility issues, we recommend starting with private sessions.

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